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Belief Statements:
The following principles guide the Daleville City School System in its responsibility to provide a quality education for each child.
  1. Every child has the ability to learn and should have equitable learning opportunities.
  2. Early learning is a critical component for success in school.
  3. Collaboration among administrators, educators, instructional support staff, and parents is important for success of the school system.
  4. The administration, teachers, and parents should have high expectations for student performance.
  5. Consistency in discipline and classroom management should be implemented at all times.
  6. The process of making fair and consistent decisions is based upon scientifically-based data yields high quality outcomes.
  7. Family and community engagement offer necessary resources and support systems in order to develop students into responsible citizens.
  8. Integrity in leadership and governance builds public confidence in the mission of the school system.


Dr. Stephen R. Covey's

7 Habits of Happy Kids

Alabama Math, Science, and

Technology Initiative (AMSTI)


We are a Google Chromebook 1:1 initiative school






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